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For your career momentum in ITShastra, the sky's the limit. Chase your passion with us !

People are what make any business successful. ITShastra understands the importance of our people and we share their passion for innovation. ITShastra embraces the diversity of our people and benefits from the positive energy generated.

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ITShastra is always on the lookout for bright, intelligent, result-oriented achievers who set higher goals for themselves and then try hard to achieve them. ITShastra is committed to working on state of the art technology in the market.
We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with us.

We bring you a vast variety of exciting and challenging opportunities with career advancement based on performance. Some of the areas of expertise for which we invite professionals are given below.
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Life @ Itshastra
Employees are our greatest asset and spirit of ITShastra.
They have been handpicked from a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds
to work in a dynamic professional environment that values individual perceptions.
ITShastra culture emphasizes on empowering individuals to make decisions in the best interests of the client. Career development for our employees is of foremost importance to us. A performance driven culture supported by an effective appraisal system ensures that the career path of our employees is well laid out and managed. Differentiating between various levels of execution and performance enables strong business results and builds an atmosphere of professionalism. The Employee of the Month award in ITShastra is a key business process to drive individual and organizational excellence by:
At ITShastra, we encourage our people to voice their opinions. We believe in maintaining transparent corporate governance and this we have achieved by initiating "We Connect' Meetings. We Connect meetings provide a platform for the employees to get their queries answered from the management regarding any policy or process followed in the organization. This meeting is held once in a month and is attended by employees of all the branches of ITShastra through conference calls.
"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement". Knowing this, ITShastra has introduced RxWiki Portal which acts as a knowledge bank. This portal provides a platform for all employees to share their knowledge, technical experiences and is a great way to give back to the technical community while enhancing their technical skills, and gaining a global perspective on building business solutions..
Life @ Itshastra
Life @ Itshastra
ITShastra's "The Zero Magazine" portrays the ITShastra culture. The information and technical articles are contributed by the ITSians. This monthly magazine showcases the ongoing projects of ITShastra, Technical Articles and Technical News along with Health corner and the Fun corner.
At ITShastra, we enjoy work and make sure we have time for play. All festivals like puja on Diwali, Holi, and Christmas are celebrated here with great enthusiasm. Birthday celebrations are great fun here!
Our yearly conference trip which reflects a complete balance between work and play, create a level of bonding among the ITSians and their families. It aims at building a unique ITShastra community.

We understand that our people have different priorities in their lives at different times. So we have a flexible approach that encourages them to strike the right balance between work and personal life.
Life @ Itshastra