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Mobile Softwares
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We Build Quality Mobile Apps
ITShastra develops mobile applications that provide users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere and on any device. With domain expertise and understanding of technology gained over a period of time, our experts make use of the right tools and proven methodologies to meet client requirements.
ITShastra leverages its cross platform expertise to develop applications addressing technology and business mobility needs to provide next generation solutions.
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Get Account Book right on your mobile !
Account Book is an application which can be used for managing and keeping track of expenses on your mobile phone.
Keep all your Bank balances on your mobile phone. Optimized for everyday use, Account Book is designed to let you record a transaction very quickly.
Account Book offers many features to the user including abilities to :
  • Add new expense details with user Description.
  • Add Multiple Account.
  • And Transfer Amount Facility in between.
  • View Account wise data in a single page.
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Get My Expense Tracker right on your mobile !
My Expense Tracker is an application which can be used for managing and keeping track of expenses on your mobile phone.
Expense Tracker offers many features to the user including abilities to :
  • Add new expense details under up to 25 categories.
  • Modify the category titles to suit individual requirements.
  • View monthly data in a single page.
  • Generate reports for a user defined range of dates.
  • Generate reports for particular category only.
  • Export data to the memory card in text file ('|' separated values) format.
  • Option to define monthly expense limit. The user will get an alert if his total expenses for a month have exceeded the limit.
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Get Pocket Diary right on your mobile !
Pocket Diary is a great tool for keeping your diary private, anytime, anywhere. Whenever you get an idea or feeling, just tab on Pocket Diary and write it down,and you will find keeping a diary has never been this easy.
In Pocket Diary Save your passwords, secret diary, secret new phone numbers. It is secure and no one can find anything even if your mobile is totally stolen.
Pocket Diary suite is a collection of 6 applications to provide maximum phone usage :
  • The Diary Writing down your true feelings and reviewing them later will allow you to get to know yourself more and act as a memory of your experiences to look back on in the future.
  • The Notes Notepad is a simple application which lets you store personal notes.
  • The Password Manager Writing down your passwords and username and get it any time anywhere.
  • The Url We store your personal url or bookmark.
  • The Bank Book Keep all your bank balances on your mobile phone. Optimized for everyday use, bank Book is designed to let you record a transaction very quickly.
  • The Contact Store Your personal Contact Number as well as email, Birth day and cell no.
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Most successful people keep a private diary to improve themselves. Want to know more about yourself and make yourself better? Get started now with Pocket Diary!
Get Fare Meter Information right on your mobile !
Fare Meter is mobile application utility for people in Mumbai who travels via auto and taxi to see get CORRECT & EXACT Auto and Taxi meter fare charges
on your own Mobile Phones, It helps people from getting cheated by the fake meter fare list used by many Auto Taxi drivers. One just need to put the meter unit displayed on Taxi /Auto meter and the utility software shows the exact day and night fare rates in MILLI-SECONDS.
Some of the great features of the 'Fare Meter' mobile apps includes the following :
  • Its really simple utility software for java supported mobiles that save your money.
  • NO GPRS connection required.
  • How? Enter Meter Units & Get Exact Day and Night fare Amount On Your Phone.
  • Compatible with most of the Java Mobiles with size as small as Approx 41kb.Wow.
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Get Vehicle Information right on your mobile !
This FREE mobile application is a ready to use software for noting down the fuel details in your vehicle. It has options to record fuel data for multiple vehicles. You can also add multiple type of fuels - both CNG & Petrol into your mobile with this application.
Some of the great features of the 'Vehicle Information' mobile apps includes the following :
  • The Expense option allows you to enter the Date, the Odometer reading, and the Fuel (in litres) details, which will display the amount that you need to pay. It's as simple as that !!
  • The Maintenance provides the facility to track the Maintenance cost of your vehicle. You can track the material cost, labor cost & other cost. The total cost would be automatically calculated.
  • The Report option has the facility to track Fuel consumption, Distance covered per litre & Maintenance details in a single table. It also provides the Fuel consumption & Paid amount in a graphical form, which can be filtered down as per fuel consumption per month.
  • The Add Rate feature allows adding different rates as per the city fuel rates.
  • The Details menu displays the Name Of Vehicle, Reg. No, Make & Model.
Download the 'Vehicle Info' mobile apps now on your mobile, and use it's great features to track your vehicle's fuel consumption. Please feel free share your experience with us. This mobile application is tested to work in Nokia series S40, S63 & Sony Ericsson mobiles.
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Get Train Time Table right on your mobile !
Mumbai Local Timetable is a Automated, Up to date, User friendly, and Menu based Non-GPRS Mobile Local Train Timetable for Mumbai People in Free,
for all its Western, Central , Harbour and Thane-Vashi- Panvel Trains Routes. Very needful and easy utility now on your finger tips to know the next upcoming local train time from the station you are standing.
Installation Guide:
  • Click on 'Download' button, it will ask to save the file 'TrainTimeTable.jar', save it somewhere on your PC.
  • Transfer the JAR file via Bluetooth/Data cable to your Mobile Phone, Just click to install it and use.
Navigation Keys:
If you have a touch screen phone, you can enjoy full touch functionality.
The arrows at the bottom & top-right indicate page scrolling using UP Arrow & Down Arrow Key.
Example : To find a train timing, you need to know both station name .(e.g. Andheri to Churchgate ?)- Here's a step by step guide:
  • On the Home screen, select Western Line & press Ok button.
  • Select Time press Search button.
  • wait for few second and display the all train between selecting time and next one hour.
  • On one form only four train displays to view next train click on more buttons.
  • Select Train No. and press enter button to see all station of that train in detail.
Why some Train timings are Differs by few minutes?
Since this application does not require GPRS, timings cannot be updated real time with a server and therefore, there is bound to be a few minutes difference in few train timings. It has been designed to work as precisely as possible.
NOTE :: Suburban Trains are permitted to leave up to 3 minutes before the scheduled departure at en route stations. However at originating stations trains will leave only at scheduled departure time.
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