RxOffice® DMS
Document Management System Is a comprehensive multiuser electronic solution that helps organization to streamline their document management processes
  • Access Anywhere
  • Search & Retrieve
  • Collaborate
  • Secure
  • Workflow
  • Communication Email
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RxOffice® DMS Features
  • Document Workflow management with Create – Review – Approve – Publish cycle
  • Interactive User Interface with explorer view for folders
  • Inbuilt support for Digital Signature
  • Mapping Master document category
  • Template based document generation : Documents can be generated dynamically using predefined document templates. Templates can be prepared with DOCX, and XLSX formats.
  • Filling standard PDF Forms through application: You can fill the fillable standard PDF forms with the existing data on the fly.
  • Provision of encoding and encrypting the documents
  • A privilege based context menu is shown to user based on his/her access rights. With the help of this menu user can take actions on document.
  • Search documents with Tag and various attributes of files / folders
  • Maintaining unprocessed document Queue
  • Document preview, Split and merging
  • Document Upload and basic annotation
  • Secured, proprietary messaging system to send and receive messages to other users of the RxOffice® application
  • Integration with email software to auto-file inbound/outbound emails with associated cases
  • Granular, privilege-and-role based security Information exposure is controlled based on the "need to know" basis.
  • Drill Down facility  with Graphical reporting suite